• Entry to ‘Finals Fever’ (the ‘competition’) is open to ECL contractors only and not ECL employees
  • To be eligible for entry all CourierPost and Pace vehicles must display the RWC decals. ECL Transport and Roadstar are not subject to this requirement.
  • The competition period is from 7 March 2011 to August 31st 2011
  • To compete, contractors must meet the criteria laid out by the business they are contracted to. These are noted in the Points Table
  • 100 points are automatically allocated to each contractor/driver to begin with
  • For every week/month/quarter that the criteria are met, each contractor will receive additional points as noted in the Points Table. For each week/month/quarter that the criteria are not meet the contractor will have points deducted from their accumulated total as noted in the Points Table. Bonus points can also be earned as per the Points Table

Points Table

Business Unit Points Awarded Points Deducted Bonus Points
CourierPost 10 points per week for meeting the ‘Rating’ KPI 10 points per week for not meeting the ‘Rating’ KPI A maximum of 100 points awarded per month for any number of S@VD sales made
Roadstar & Transport 40 points per month for a business idea that meets set criteria 5 points for each complaint to the 0800 line and/or 5 points for each instance where speed exceeds 95km/h CHEP De-hires 2 points per container 1 points for every 10 pallets
Pace 10 points per month for each of the following: contract attendance, brand compliance with courier manual, pick up against time of dispatch, delivery against time of job booking 10 points per month for each of the following: contract attendance, brand compliance with courier manual, pick up against time of dispatch, delivery against time of job booking 300 points maximum per quarter for two sales leads or more
  • In the case where a contractor has a number of waged drivers, only the contractors name will be shown in the results. If they win a prize then it will be at the contractors discretion as to how the prize is to be distributed
  • The grand prizes are 2 single admission tickets to the Rugby World Cup finals game held 23 October 2011 in Auckland.
  • The grand prizes are won by taking one contractor from each of the business units with the greatest points score at the end of the competition and putting them into a draw for the two tickets. For example, the contractors with the most points for Pace, CourierPost, Roadstar and Transport will have their names put into a random draw from which the two tickets will be drawn with the greatest number of accumulated points for the competition period
  • If within a business unit at the end of the competition period before the grand prizes are drawn there are more than one contractor tied for points, then all these business unit contractors will be eligible for the grand prize draw
  • The monthly prizes comprise of 16 double tickets to pool matches (winners will receive two tickets that are in their local region). 10 official replica match balls. 10 official DHL Rugby World Cup shirts
  • Monthly prizes will be allocated to the top performer in each of the ECL business units
  • Monthly winners will be drawn within the first 7 working days of the following month
  • All results will be published every two weeks with the first being done on 22 March 2011. An alert about the new results will be sent via scanners to those that have this capability. All others will be notified via their Fleet Manager.
  • Winners will accompany other ECL hosts and guests to the final and will partake in the corporate hospitality with transfers to the game are included. One nights accommodation and transport to Auckland are provided for winners outside of the Auckland area
  • If a domestic flight cannot be obtained for the winners of the grand prizes, then ECL will use its own network to ensure the winners are able to attend the final
  • All transfers, travel and accommodation will be selected by ECL. If the winner does not wish to use one or any of these then they need to notify the judges
  • No prizes, or part of the prize including transfers, flights or accommodation, are redeemable for cash nor can they be transferred or on sold. If the winner/s do not wish to take up the grand prize then they must notify ECL and the next contractor with the highest accumulated points for the competition period will be selected
  • ECL reserves the right to substitute the prize with another prize of equal or greater value
  • Winners will be notified either in person, by phone or in letter. ECL will make reasonable attempts to contact the winners, but if a winner is unable to be contacted within 5 days, the prize will be redrawn. Upon such a redraw, the original winner will have no ongoing right to claim the prize and will have no right to compensation.
  • The judge’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into
  • By accepting the prize, the winner acknowledges that his or her name and photograph may be used for publicity purposes
  • Any contractor/drivers who leave ECL during the term of the competition will no longer be eligible for any of the prizes
  • ECL reserves the right to change the terms of the competition without notice and discontinue the competition in its sole discretion for any reason and at any time
  • Entry into the competition implies full acceptance of these terms and conditions