Tickets to Rugby World Cup pool matches

We’ve got 16 doubles tickets too pool matches so every month someone from each of the business units will win a double pass to a game in their local region. By keeping it to your region you shouldn’t have to travel to far to see it. The way to win these (and this goes for all the monthly prizes) is to come top in your business for points. If there’s a couple or more people tied for first place then we will draw the prize from the pool of those in first place.

Official DHL Rugby World Cup Shirts

There are 8 of these so one month, two lucky couriers from each of the business units will win one. These are made by Canterbury and carry the official tournament logo. They look really sharp and will give your workmates something to be envious about!


Official replica match balls

Now these are 8 quite rare things. Only a few of these have been made for off-field use and we’ve managed to get our hands on 8 of them. You will see some poor imitations in the shops but these are the real thing. They are hard to come by and are a score for whoever ends up with one.

Grand Prize

Don’t forget to keep your eye on the goal:
one of two ‘A Reserve’ tickets to the finals match of the RWC. These seats come with all the trimmings including corporate hospitality on the day, transfers plus accommodation and transport for those outside of Auckland!