FAQs & Contact

Q: How do I win the finals ticket?

A: As all the business units in ECL are very different it is hard to create a point system that is fair. So to pick a winner for the grand prize we will take the contractor/s with the most points in each business then put then into a draw for the two finals ticket.

Q: What happens if there are more than two wining people tied on points at the top of the table? How will you decide who wins the two finals tickets or the monthly prizes?

A: In this scenario we will put all the tied entries into a group and make a random draw from this group.

Q: How often will you get the results up online?

A: Results will be published every two weeks with the first set starting on 22 March 2011. We will notify you when new results are published via either your scanner or your Fleet Manager.

Q: How do I win the monthly prizes?

A: All you need to do is top the points leader board for your business unit. If you’re tied for points with someone else then a random draw will happen between those that are tied in order to find a winner.

Q. Is the finals tickets a single or double?

A:It is a single admission ticket. We decided that due to the cost of the ticket that we would rather give two away to our couriers/drivers, than give one person a doubles ticket.

Q. What if I live in Auckland, do I get to use the accommodation you’ve mentioned in the prize?

A: If you win and live in Auckland then we will look after your transfers to and from the game to a central point plus you’ll get to take part in the hospitality we have arranged on the day. However you will not be provided with alternate accommodation nor flights for use to another destination. This is only for winners outside of Auckland.

Q. When I’m at the match, will I only be with the other winner?

A: You’ll actually be taking part in watching the match with other ECL customers and their ECL hosts so this means you get to take part in all the hospitality on the day. You’ll be fed and watered and well taken care of.

Q. Are we competing for two tickets with ECL staff as well?

A: No, staff have a separate competition in which we’ve allocated 2 other finals tickets for them however they don’t have the monthly prizes like you do. This competition is designed to cater for the specifics of their job and is therefore different in structure than yours.

Q. What happens if I win and can’t attend the match, can I sell the tickets?

A: We have a policy for this competition of absolutely no resale of tickets. If you cannot or do not wish to attend then you must let us know and we will redraw another winner.

Q. Can you remind me of how each of the businesses will be measured?

A: Each business is allocated points according to the table below. Due to the varied nature of each business there aren’t one set of measures that we can commonly apply to all, hence the variation. Notes on the specifics of each measure below is contained in the business unit specific questions in this FAQ.

Business Unit Points Awarded Points Deducted Bonus Points
CourierPost 10 points per week for meeting the ‘Rating’ KPI 10 points per week for not meeting the ‘Rating’ KPI A maximum of 100 points awarded per month for any number of S@VD sales made
Roadstar & Transport 40 points per month for a business idea that meets set criteria 5 points for each complaint to the 0800 line and/or 5 points for each instance where speed exceeds 95km/h CHEP De-hires 2 points per container 1 points for every 10 pallets
Pace 10 points per month for each of the following: contract attendance, brand compliance with courier manual, pick up against time of dispatch, delivery against time of job booking 10 points per month for each of the following: contract attendance, brand compliance with courier manual, pick up against time of dispatch, delivery against time of job booking 300 points maximum per quarter for two sales leads or more

Q. Why do the points vary among the different businesses? And in being different, how do we all earn points evenly?

A: In constructing the points table, we allocated points according to the frequency with which each metric would occur. We’ve done this to balance it out as fairly as possible so that you will all earn and lose points at approximately the same rate. That said, the rate at which you all earn points won’t matter as it will be the top person from each business that will be put into the draw for the finals tickets.

Q. Who do I talk to if I’ve got a question about this competition?

A: Ask your Manager in the first instance or you can contact us on finalsfever@expresscouriers.co.nz and we will respond to you via email.

CourierPost Specific Questions

Q: Please elaborate on what the Rating KPI percentage is made up of.

A: This KPI is comprised of 3 sections as follows.

OFD %: Out For Delivery (OFD match vs. Del OFD required). A count of all delivery scans for the day which has at least 1 onboard scan matching the delivery scans

BUSINESS %: Business On-Time Success vs. Business On-Time Total

Business On-Time Success is a count of business delivery scans (overnight product only) which were delivered on time. A successful delivery has an acceptance scan on or after the previous working day (allowing for Saturday, Sunday and National public Holidays). For business deliveries, the delivery time must be before 9:00am.

Business On-Time Total: This is the number of business items with an overnight service standard that we were expecting a delivery scan before 9:00am. Some delivery scans are not counted in this total, scans are excluded if there is no acceptance scan, there is no successful delivery report on that report day and the product is not an overnight service standard product.

RESIDENTIAL %: Residential On-Time Success vs. Residential Total

Residential On-Time Success: This count works the same way as the business count but for residential scans. However, for residential deliveries, the delivery must be before 5:00pm.

Residential On-Time Total: This is the same count as for business scans, except for residential customers.

Within the Rating KPI there are also Bank Scans which are now set at 100% as these are no longer used. Therefore setting them at 100% means no one will be penalised.

Q: What is this baseline that is mentioned for CourierPost and how is it calculated?

A: When using the Rating KPI we appreciate that there are circumstances out of the contractors control that affect this KPI. Therefore we are taking the average of this measurement for each courier over the last 12 months and using this as a baseline. Therefore if your average is 82%, then to earn points you must earn 82% or above each week of the competition. If you earn less than this each week then points will be deducted.

Q: Within CourierPost, why are you only allocating 100 points for S@VD regardless of how many sales you make in a month?

A: S@VD is not something every courier regularly participates in so if we gave points for every sale that a courier made, there would be a small group of couriers who would earn a very large amount of points and therefore place winning out of reach for many others. Therefore the fairest method is to recognise anyone who makes a sale during the month, but recognise them just the once.

Roadstar and Transport Specific Questions

Q: I can earn points for a business idea – what criteria must this idea meet?

A: For any business idea that is submitted it must first have a measurable benefit in either efficiency (time, resource, utilisation) or business improvement (cost saving, revenue gain). It must also be realistically achievable and pass a management acceptance test.

Q: How is speed being measured?

A: This will be measured off the GPS speed report.

Pace Specific Questions

Q: How will the four measures be measured?

A: Attendance

Extract run using P3s measuring couriers that log on, pick-up and deliver jobs each day. This includes authorised relief couriers and authorised absences. No partial rewards are made


Vehicles and courier uniforms must be in line with courier manual
New Contractors to be fully in uniform with vans painted and decaled within 90 days
Any damages to vehicles to be corrected within 30 days

Pick up

Courier performance measured against time of job despatch to job pick-up
Percentage thresholds apply
Monthly performance thresholds may change


Courier performance measured against time of job booking to delivery
Percentage thresholds apply
Monthly performance thresholds may change